Lisa Willover – Orlando, Florida

Southern Rage Club

“As a parent, I wanted to express how wonderful it was to witness Southern Rage’s inaugural efforts at the SAT Tournament! The overall positive spirit made for an awesome lacrosse experience. This showed in the coaches’ leadership, in the way the girls played together and in the faces of us proud parents and fans. The girls really enjoyed the quad rooming and pizza party at the hotel which helped to form new friendships and bonds that transferred on to the field with successful team play! Though Rage lost in the semi-finals, it was so rewarding to hear the girls joking about all the fun they had and how they ’can hardly wait for the next tournament!’ Check out the Rage website photos. The faces and actions say it all!” For more interesting articles. read this new stationary bike stand review.

Deb Schneeberger – Orlando, Florida

Southern Alliance Tournament

“I am so proud of the girls who were able to take part in the Southern Alliance Tournament played last weekend in Peachtree City where they have a lo of independent contractors. It was a long road trip which led to a spectacular weekend of success for some pretty terrific girls! Having the opportunity to spend time with the athletes and their families was great and watching the play on the field was spectacular! Our young team faced some very skilled and aggressive opponents and proved to all spectators that they are very capable of holding their own on the field of battle. I hope our Southern Rage girls know how proud we are of them and not only does this sentiment come from the Schneeberger ’elders’ but also from their fellow teammates who played with their respective Lax Maniax teams at the tournament this weekend. Way to represent Central Florida ladies! Now let’s get ready for Blaze at the Beach and Heat Wave!”

Shannon Chambley – Orlando, Florida

Central Florida LAX 4 Life

“I meant to email you sooner, but I wanted to apologize for Sarah’s absence from the scrimmage night on Wednesday. She was sick and had missed school that day. Tuesday night she came home so excited. She said “Mom that was the toughest practice I have ever had. But, I loved every minute of it.” Thanks so much for your patience and understanding; we are looking forward to an exciting summer and the opportunity for Sarah to improve her lacrosse skills.”

Pam – Oviedo, Florida

Southern Rage Club

“Thanks John for the feedback which is appreciated. You had me chuckle at the end about her growling. Again Sam thinks the world of you & really appreciates all that you do to help her excel in lacrosse both on the field & off the field. You are appreciated & again want to say THANK YOU! You are awesome!”

AJ’s Mom – Oviedo, Florida

Southern Rage Club

“Hi coach, this is AJ’s mom. Her dad told me he had asked you to forward emails to me but I haven\’t heard from you so I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. AJ was thrilled after practice yesterday and to me that is like winning the lottery. I am looking forward to this summer and meeting with you. Thank you for all you do for our children. If I could ever give a helping hand just contact me.”

Julie’s Dad – Oviedo, Florida

Southern Rage Club – New to the Rage

“John, this is Julia’s first season to play with Southern Rage. First Impressions…. I have to say… Wow! You’re the Man. Julia is one of your players that will be working the car washes this year to help cover our shortages on fees. I haven’t had time to navigate the website you described at practice yesterday, but it sounds very useful to the girls, their parents and college scouts. Your newest fan.”

Jessie’s Mom – Oviedo, Florida

Southern Rage Club – Lax Tournaments

“Hi Coach Darley,
First and foremost, I want to thank you for coaching Jesse this summer. She is learning so much from your leadership. I sincerely appreciate all you are doing. That being said and the fact that I respect your position as the director, I want to give you a heads up on Jesse’s availability for LAX tournaments.
Again, thank you for all you are teaching Jesse. She loves this sport and has every desire to take it to the next level.”

Robert – Florida

Southern Rage Club – Support and Leadership

“I forgot to email you regarding Ashley’s inability to play in the Monday tournament. She is signed up for a three-day lacrosse camp and will miss Tuesday as well. This should be Ashley’s last conflict for the remainder of Southern Rage.
Once again, thanks for all of your support and leadership. Ashley raves about her skills developing and her love for the sport is aided by the positive coaching she is receiving through you and your team.”

Sonia – Florida

“Thank you so much for being such an amazing coach to me these past 3 summers. I’ve enjoyed every moment of playing with Southern Rage, and I feel like you have given me the confidence and instruction to be a much better player. Your decision to put me on attack was the best thing you could have done for me. Ha-ha 🙂 Please thank the rest of the coaching staff on my behalf as well. I can’t wait to play you in regular season.”

Pam – Florida

“Thanks for another fantastic Southern Rage Summer! Sam really enjoyed playing for Southern Rage this summer and having you as her Coach for Red Team. Sam really looks up to you and appreciates all that you have done these last 2 summers to assist her with her lacrosse. She has enjoyed all of her Southern Rage Coaches (Oviedo, Hagerty, Lake Mary, Dr. Phillips, etc.) and loved making more friends with being on Southern Rage. Sam will miss Southern Rage next year after graduation, me too.”