What is Southern Rage Travel Club?

Southern Rage is an elite lacrosse club program for girls who want to be the best lacrosse players they can be, want an awesome challenge, are focused on helping their high school teams improve, and/or would like a great opportunity to play in college.

Who are the Southern Rage Coaches?

John Darley

Oviedo High School Head Coach (2004 - Current).

Former US Lacrosse Florida National Team Selector and US Lacrosse Florida National Team Coach in 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008.

Director – Lax 4 Life Summer and Fall Leagues – (2007 – Current).

Director – Southern Shootout Tournament Series – (2012 – Current).

John Darley founded the Southern Rage Club to benefit girls from the Central Florida area who wanted options not available to them through other club teams.

The club also relies on its extensive alumni network that includes college interns currently playing NCAA lacrosse. These alumni serve as mentors and skills coaches. Click here to see a list of all current coaches.

Where do the Rage Players Come From?

300 girls residing throughout Central Florida have competed in the Club Program since 2010.

More than 25 high school programs are represented from Osceola, Orange and Seminole counties.

Our players come from Oviedo High School, Hagerty High School, Lake Mary High School, Dr. Phillips High School, Lyman High School, Lake Brantley High School, West Orange High School, Trinity Prep High School, Masters Academy, Bishop Moore Catholic High School, East Ridge High School, Lake Howell High School, Apopka High School, Celebration High School, Winter Park High School, Lake Nona High School, Jackson Heights Middle School, Markham Woods Middle School, All Souls Catholic School, Annunciation Academy, Greenwood Lakes Middles School, Rock Lake Middle School and Seminole High School.

How Old do I Have to be to Play?

Southern Rage has two distinct programs:  High School (rising 9th-12th graders) and Middle School (rising 5th-8th graders).

How will Teams be Selected?

Each program is selected by our Coaches based on the skill and experience of our member players.

The top players selected will be designated “Red Team” players.

Our other 3 teams are Green, Blue and White.  We typically have 30 players on each team.  

Once a player is selected to a practice team they will practice with their teammates on a weekly basis.  Players will learn to play together and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  

All Coaches from each team teach the same plays, straightedges, and fundamentals.  This allows players from any team to play with other team players at a Tournament, PlayDay or Scrimmage and not miss a beat.  They will all be in sync.  

Players also have the opportunity to move up a team if their hard work and commitment pay off and they improve their skills and overall game.

Does the Southern Rage registration include tournaments?

No, there are additional tournament registration fees along with travel and hotel costs.

What Makes this Program Special?

Experience and Passion for the Game and Commitment to our players. Our coach’s backgrounds in Middle School, High School and College Lacrosse and our Club’s structure create the best environment for encouraging growth in our players and helping them to gain exposure to Colleges that are right for them. The coaching they receive is unique to our Club Program which is intense, passionate, modern, and extremely fast paced. It develops lacrosse players quickly and correctly to the highest levels in the shortest amount of time.

What about Tournaments?

Our players have traveled and competed in the best tournaments against the best lacrosse players in the Southeast.

Overall, the Southern Rage Club has competed in more than 50 Elite games in three States against teams from different States at the highest levels. Our Club has achieved tremendous success and is competitive with the best Club Programs in the Southeast.

Does my Daughter Have to Attend ALL the Tournaments?

No! But like anything in life, the more time you invest the more positive results you’ll see, which correlate into being a better player and teammate. The more events our players attend the better they become.

We recognize that travel costs for trips are expensive. We offer both Regional Tournaments and local events to help balance your Club experience and lessen the financial burden of travel.

Also, does Southern Rage practices conclude the first week of August? I thought earlier on the website the practices continued through December?

Yes, practice for the summer concludes the beginning of August.  We have practices the week before our fall tournaments.


These are intense training events that bring together all our members, other club and high school teams and featured guest coaches. These are 3-5 hour events that bring all the energy, excitement, and the top training needed to bring out a player’s elite status!

These Playdays are included in club membership and are open to Non-Club members at a per session cost of $50.

How long is the Club Lacrosse Season?

There are two (2) distinct seasons of lacrosse: Summer and Fall (see Schedule for more details)

Summer: Practices begin in May. The majority of the season is complete by August 1st.

  • There are two practices weekly, each for 2 hours
  • Two (2), three to five (3-5) hour Playday/Camps called “RAGE PLAYDAYS” which provide a great learning experience.
  • There are six travel tournaments in the summer (June and July)

Fall: Practices begin in late September and end in November

  • There are six (6) two (2) Hour Practices
  • There are three travel tournaments open to all club participants (September and November)
Is the last week of training the first week of August or does it continue through the fall?

The Club continues into the Fall for tournaments. We have our Tournament teams practice twice the week before each Tournament.  Most of our players in our Club continue to play with their High School teams in the Lax 4 Life Fall League so they’ll be in shape and ready to play in the Tournament games.

What is the Player to Coach Ratio?

The player to coach ratio is about 10 to 1, but it is the quality of the coaching and our passion for the game that makes us unique!

Reading the website it looks like both the summer league and southern rage practice at the same time?  However, in the description of practices I notice southern rage works more on technique/drills and the summer league only scrimmages on Saturday’s?  So, both leagues are at the same location but separate?

Our Summer League does not provide practices for the player’s just Saturday games throughout the summer.  

Our Travel Club provides 2 practices a week, the option to sign up for Tournaments and when you join the Club; you get the Summer League for FREE.  

The best option to get the most lacrosse for the summer is to join the Club, get awesome Coaching twice a week from some of the best High School Coaches in Central Florida, and then our Saturday games with the League to put into practice what you’re learning at practice.  Also, you can do 2-3 tournaments and learn to play against some of the best competition in the Southeast.

Is There Recruiting Assistance?

We provide college recruiting assistance to all members. The program requires our members to work at being recruited to be successful.

Our program is recognized as a top recruiting program in the Southeast and has opened doors to our club members who have the desire to play at the next level and are willing to invest the time and energy on their futures!

Do not go to ‘recruiting’ organizations for they do not help you.

You will receive tremendous support simply for being a member of Southern Rage!

Go to www.FLLax4Life.com and click on Southern Rage Travel Club and then click on College Recruiting Central. There you’ll find all the do’s and don’ts involved in working to get recruited.

Does this program care more about winning games and tournaments or building young people?

It’s about our players learning the game and improving their skills.  Every player that commits to the program gains tremendously; not just as a lacrosse player, but also in friendships, relationships, work ethic, and personally.  

Long after the dozens of tournaments are concluded, no one will care what the results were or who beat whom. However, the character and resilience of our players will live on with them and help them to become the best people they can be.  And yes, the players will have improved at the game of lacrosse which is why we do what we do.  

In the 2012 tournament season, our Club defeated many traditional Southeast powerhouses in just the Club’s third season.

Do you care about winning?

As coaches, we are all very competitive and winning is more fun than losing, but not at the expense of doing what’s right for our members.  We care most that our teams are always competitive against the top Club Programs in the Southeast.

Our Programs are among the best in the country and we carry a fantastic record in regional events against teams from the best Southeast areas and dominated competition from nontraditional areas throughout the Southeast.

Some teams have gone undefeated but individual improvement is always our number one goal.

I just signed my daughter up, just curious, are tryouts the first day of practice?

Southern Rage does not have a tryout.  Everyone who joins makes the club.

 We'll start practice in May and after 2-3 practices we assign all players to a team that will practice and play together for the rest of the summer on Saturday's and also at tournaments.  

The first practices are auditions to see where the player’s skills fit in with other players of the same level.

How Much does one of the Top Lacrosse Programs in the Southeastern Cost for the YEAR?

Total membership, uniform, administration fees and coaches cost are $450 per player for rising grades 9-12 and $250 per player for rising grades 4-8.

This price includes both the Summer and Fall Club Season and the Lax 4 Life Summer League (this does NOT include the Lax 4 Life Fall League – that has its own membership fee). There are many options for your daughters but none that provide the teaching, coaching, tournament options and recruiting assistance for the price you pay for Southern Rage.  Northern Lacrosse Clubs can cost $2000 or more and other clubs in FL cost $1000 or more and offer far fewer benefits.  While other programs continually raise their prices, our prices are the same as they were 4-years ago when we first started! We try to keep costs down, value high and provide a

There are many options for your daughters but none that provide the teaching, coaching, tournament options and recruiting assistance for the price you pay for Southern Rage.  Northern Lacrosse Clubs can cost $2000 or more and other clubs in FL cost $1000 or more and offer far fewer benefits.  While other programs continually raise their prices, our prices are the same as they were 4-years ago when we first started! We try to keep costs down, value high and provide a

Northern Lacrosse Clubs can cost $2000 or more and other clubs in FL cost $1000 or more and offer far fewer benefits.  While other programs continually raise their prices, our prices are the same as they were 4-years ago when we first started! We try to keep costs down, value high and provide a

We try to keep costs down, value high and provide a value-added system.

Are Payment Plans Available?

YES! Contact Allie Darley at lax4lifemanagement@yahoo.com for an application and/or more information.

I'm still learning a lot about LAX so I'm wondering if someone of daughter’s age (14) and experience level should try to play in as many of these tournaments as possible? Or is she better served playing in the Saturday Lax 4 Life Summer league games? My wife and I are going to do a lot of summer planning tonight and if she needs to be at these tournaments, it will help us plan things better.

I think doing the Club vs just the Summer League would be good for your daughter.  

She would be able to do the Rage Playday, Father’s Day, and Heatwave Tournaments this summer.  Plus she will get to play on Saturday’s with the League (joining the Club gets your daughter into our Summer League free) and participate in the weekly practices.  

It may seem like a lot of lacrosse but it’s what we need our players to do to reach the goals we set for our Club.

What about Travel Costs?

Travel expenses for trips are not a part of the membership fee.

As the tournaments are not mandatory, we ask that families pick what’s best for them as to the time of year and the tournaments that are right for their budget.

Do I have to accompany my Daughter on the Trips?

No.  Of course, all families are welcome but your daughter can travel with our coaches and be chaperoned by Southern Rage, which will save you money.  

This method of travel is called solo travel.  For about $150 (for one major travel tournament – does NOT include the tournament registration fee) a player can attend a trip with all expenses paid including ground transportation at the host tournament city.

What if my Daughter Gets Injured? Can I get my Membership Money Back? Tournament Money Back?

If your daughter is physically unable to continue in the program a pro-rated refund for the year will be issued.

Physical Injury is the only reason to be issued a refund!  

As of August 1st, there are no membership refunds as the season is more than half over.  

All refunds are issued at the end of the fall season. Unfortunately, Tournament Fees are all non-refundable as they are expenses that must be paid after players have committed to attend the events.

Will my Daughter be insured?

Southern Rage provides additional liability insurance on top of your personal health insurance that you have for your daughter.  In many cases, the Tournaments we attend require US Lacrosse numbers so you must register or renew your US Lacrosse # if you want to play in the tournaments.  

With your US Lacrosse membership comes additional insurance.  Go to the following link to learn more - http://www.uslacrosse.org/TopNav/Membership/Insurance.aspx.

My daughter has never played Lacrosse before and I have a few questions.  How many middle school teams are there with Southern Rage?  This is her second sport; she also plays on two ice hockey teams. Can I request for her to be on a team that practices on Monday/Wednesdays or is Tuesday/Thursday the only option?  Do I need to sign her up for USA Lacrosse?  I'm assuming the only equipment needed is goggles, stick and cleats. Did I miss something?
  • We only do practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
  • You do not need to be a member of USL for our Club but for some of the tournaments you do.  
  • Looks like you’re good to go for lacrosse equipment.  Now some players do purchase additional equipment and practice apparel if they choose to do so.  
  • There is more info at www.FLLax4Life.com for you to view.  When you get the Southern Rage page look over to the right and you’ll see about our Club and additional good info.
Will my Daughter be recruited?

Yes, over the past three years we have observed that any of our club members who want to play in college and follow the recruiting system we offer have had the most college options for lacrosse.  It works if you put in the time and effort.

I went to register my daughter for a tournament, but did not see it on the website.  Where will I find it?

Go to www.FLLax4Life.com  and click on Southern Rage Travel Club.  When you get to that page, click the refresh button on your browser.  The Southern Rage Playday registration button should be right there under the club registration.

I was going to make hotel reservations for my daughter and myself for the June 8th tournament in GA. I notice the tournament website lists a few options. Do you have a specific hotel you want the team to stay at? When my daughter played this tournament before, her coach tried to have all the players in the same place and we had a team meal together.

We always set up a block of rooms at a reasonably priced hotel (team hotel) and encourage families to stay together.  It helps to improve the tournament experience and also helps with logistics for travel, team meals and meetings.  We do have some families that stay at other hotels nearby the Tournaments as well & not at the team hotel.

There are two tournaments the weekend of June 15th - Catawba and Father’s Day.  How do I know which one to register her for?

I was planning on taking our top players to the Catawba, just one team.  Our second and third teams would be doing the Father’s Day.  We’ll figure out our teams once we start practice.

What time are practices at usually?

We practice from 9 – 11 AM Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Go to the web site www.FLLax4Life.com and go to Southern Rage and click on the about our club.  All the info is there.  Also, you can download our practice schedule.

Are sixth graders able to do high school tournaments?

We’ll be able to have sixth graders on our MS team for the Heatwave Tournament but will have to wait until practice starts to see the level of play and whether a younger player has the skills to be able to compete at a higher level.  The answer is yes, depending on the player.

Can you please help me understand the Lax4Life over the Southern Rage.  What are the cost? Do you the offer any kind of scholarships? My daughter would love to do one so that she could become a better player, but I have no extra money.

The Summer Program is a Travel Club where we practice twice a week and then have scrimmage games in our Summer League and also go to competitive Tournaments here in FL and throughout the Southeast.  

I understand the cost seems high but it’s the most competitive price for a club in the entire state.  

The membership fee of $450 helps cover the cost of the player’s uniforms, t-shirts and practice pennies.  It is also needed to pay our coaches, interns, fields, web site, insurance, equipment and everything else that goes into running an organization with over 120 players, administrative individuals and coaches.