Club Rules

Summer and Fall

$450 Full Membership fee is non-refundable for TFE (Team Florida Elite) and select players in classes of 2017- 20 (High School). This includes two practices a week, Rage Playdays, seven tournaments throughout the summer and fall, team uniform, practice pennie and team tee shirt. * See addition information about TFE Players below.

$250 Full Membership is non-refundable for Select players in classes of 2020-25 (Middle School). This includes two practices a week, Rage Playdays, seven tournaments throughout the summer and fall, team uniform, practice pennie and team tee shirt.

TFE (Team Florida Elite) players will receive the most intense training and coaching from our TOP Coaches. They will be put to the test and have the opportunity to participate in the most competitive tournaments and Club Playdays throughout the Southeast. There’s a tremendous level of commitment to be a TFE team player, not just from the players and parents, but from our coaches as well. This will be a team of future college level players and is structured for players that will go the extra mile to make their future college goals a reality.

Select Players – All other players in the club who will receive our top of the line training and coaching. Select team members are players that are looking to improve their game and are working hard to get on a Varsity team or become a starter or impact player on your High School team. A Select player is thinking about playing in college, but have not made up their mind and not ready to make the commitment that’s required to get to that level. And of course Select players are the up and coming and developmental players that are new to the sport.

If you are a TFE (Team Florida Elite) Member, 2 practices a week and Rage Playdays are mandatory. To be a TFE Player, you must be willing to commit to at least three (3) tournaments during the summer season and three (3) tournaments during the fall season. Unexcused missed practices will result in limited playing time for TFE team members.

If you are a Select Player member of our Club, practices and tournaments are not mandatory, but of course, we highly encourage all Select players to come to all practices and playdays to get the most out of our Club experience.

Payment for Southern Rage Membership can be made:
  1. Online (pay in full) or by check - All payments for membership fees must be paid in full before May 15th.
  2. TFE Players that tryout and make either the TFE Red or the TFE Green teams are required to pay the membership fee in full to secure their spot.
  3. Payment Plan (paid the first of each month); contact Allie Darley at or call 407-808-4777.
  4. Financial aid is available. Application is required after membership registration. For an application or more information, contact Allie Darley.

Payment for Tournaments can be made:

  1. Online or by check. All payments for tournaments must be made two (2) weeks before the tournament date.
  2. You are confirmed for an event or tournament once we receive your payment. A spot will not be held this year with an email or word alone.
  3. If you do not attend the tournament, you will forfeit the entire payment. The only exception is a recent injury prohibits you from participation.
  4. If you sign up to attend as a buddy parent and later decide to travel solo, you must do so by the deadline and it will be based on availability only. You will then be charged the additional cost difference.
  5. If you sign up to attend solo and decide to switch to buddy parent, you will not be refunded the difference. You will still pay the total solo fee.
  6. Payment Plan Participants: Final balance of payment will be due and must be received no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to departure dates or you will forfeit your spot for the tournament and deposit.
  7. Tournaments will be posted online at There will be a description of each tournament with registration deadlines. Once events are full or deadlines have passed, they will be closed! There will be no exceptions, so do not wait until the deadlines, as the tournaments fill up quickly!
    NOTE: If you run into problems with registering online, please call and we can take your registration information over the phone.
    NOTE: You will receive confirmation via online registration. will send a separate email confirmation.
    There is a $20 return check fee policy.

Once you select a tournament to participate in, your deposit is non- refundable.

A player will not be able to play until final payment is received. If you do not make the due date for your final payment, the player’s spot will not be guaranteed. If there is a wait list, the spot will be offered to someone else, and you will forfeit your deposit.

There will be a one-time allowance for an extenuating circumstance where you’re entire deposit, will be applied to your next tournament.

Most club communications will occur through emails, so check and read your email daily. If you change your email, please let us know. We will also host one “parent/player” meeting to go over travel procedures, recruiting, summer schedule, fundraising opportunities, and answer any questions. We encourage every family to create a Southern Rage file folder and to print all emails. It is the “players” club so we expect the players to be proactive and read all the emails with their parents. The experience is ultimately the player’s responsibility.

There are 2 methods of travel:

  1. Solo - Southern Rage handles your travel and the supervision of the player. We will secure all travel needs (except for flight). If you would like your child to be on a chaperoned flight and escorted, information will be provided and you will have to book them on the flights that will have coaching staff available. Otherwise, we will give you a time frame to arrive and we will pick you up from the airport. If you pick a flight that does not arrive during the allotted time slots, it will be your responsibility to find transportation to the hotel. If your flight is delayed, you will need to contact us so we can arrange pick up. It will be your responsibility to have your coach’s phone number on you and to keep in touch if you are not on a chaperoned flight. Once on site, the only money Solo’s will need is for food and anything you might want to purchase form the vendors.
  2. Buddy - Parent - You choose to travel with your parent or a friend’s parent who will be responsible for you. You arrange your entire travel (flight, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation). We will let you know about our team hotel and we encourage you to stay in the team hotel. However, it is your responsibility to know the team’s schedule and you will be required to be at practices, tournament games, team activities, and team meetings on time.

Players are required to bring all Southern Rage appeal to every event (this includes all issued items).

Training in your high school, youth program, or other club’s reversible during Southern Rage events and practices is not allowed.

For local practices, you are required to have your penny (as well as all lacrosse equipment).

  • Players will be expected to show up to practice and tournaments on time, one hour before the first scheduled game and thirty (30) minutes before each subsequent game.
  • Equal playing time is not guaranteed for every member, although it is a high priority and every player will play extensively. Policy violations and poor sportsmanship will affect playing time and can lead to tournament/club expulsion.
  • Playing on another “local club” team is not acceptable for TFE players. Select players may participate unless it is a recruiting event. Make sure to talk to your coach before you agree to play with another team. If there are any questions, contact your Head Coach.
  • Players must understand that winning is not the most important goal for the weekend.
  • We will not discuss playing time with parents! All conversations about playing time will be between the player and her coach.
  • Players will be expected to adequately represent Southern Rage with class and consideration, including on and off field activities.
  • Talking back to coaches or referees will be tolerated.
  • Profane language is not to be used by any players, coaches or parents.
  • Parents should not coach from the sideline.
  • Parents must stand on opposite side of our bench.
  • In order to participate in any Southern Rage / Lax4Life, Inc. programs, players and parents must complete and sign all documents and be paid in full prior to the event.

Players need to work their recruiting system – go to and click on Southern Rage Travel Club and then click on College Recruiting Central.

We do not guarantee that you will be seen by college coaches, you must do the work to communicate with coaches by following NCAA rules.